36"-4 Tier Heavy Duty Battery  Q
  • 36"-4 Tier Heavy Duty Battery  Q

36"-4 Tier Heavy Duty Battery Quail Cage (8 Sections)



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Includes: 4 Cages, 4  Feeders, Automatic drinkers, Stand, 4  Trays, Hoses, Couplings, 4 dividers and hardware.
​Very Simple to assemble.

Product Description:

    • ​High grade Galvanized Steel and heavy duty welded wire giving it a long time span of use.
    • Easy cleaning floor wiring is 1/2" by 2" heavy duty wire more than 2 MM thick.
    • To prevent injuries on the birds. Rectangular structure makes them very versatile cages.
    • Fully galvanized Sheet metal.
    • Proper egg slope, so eggs roll out to the front catch with a open gap so standard jumbo eggs pass through with ease.
    • No need to open the cage to feed or gather eggs.
    • Automatic cup drinkers with high capacity of use.
    • You can position the drinkers outside of the cage.
    • Water system includes: hose and couplings for any water container of your choice.
    • Galvanized Sheet metal feeders with "feed containing edge protector" for minimal feed waste.
    • Galvanized Sheet metal waste trays for easy cleaning.
      Simple assembly


    • USPS delivered STANDARD shipping usually it takes 3-12 business days.
      Shipping available to all 50 states.
36"-4 Tier Heavy Duty Battery Q