Quail Cage H.D Double Rack Community (Full Sections)
  • Quail Cage H.D Double Rack Community (Full Sections)

Quail Cage H.D Double Rack Community (Full Sections)

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Total Dimensions:

(48” H x 37” W x 24” D)

Current lead time is 7-25 business days.

Floor Type: Heavy Duty EZ Clean 12 G 1/2 x 2


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Total Dimensions:

(48” L x 37” W x 24” D)



·       2 Heavy Duty Cage (Fully Assembled)

·        2 Metal High-Capacity Feeder trough

·        4 Auto drinker cup system

·        1 Stand set (Assembly required for cage)

·        2 Manure Tray

·        Hoses and Tees

·        Couplings

·        Hardware

·        Bucket Hose Adapter


·       Welded wire is heavy duty with double galvanization for an exceptionally long life, and easy cleaning.

·       Feed and Egg protector helps keep other animals away from both the feed and eggs

·       Community cage setup our recommendation is 20-25 birds since they will have more room to be in.

·       NOTE: Cage setup depends on weather and purpose for the birds. (Cold weather they can huddle to produce heat together. During hot weather more space and ventilation is highly recommended.)

·       Floor wiring is 1/2" by 2" heavy duty 14-gauge welded wire.

·       Heavy duty flooring is exceptional at keeping high level of high hygiene for the birds by allowing the waste to pass through the gap with minimal if no sticking.

·       The heavy-duty floors lead to a cleaner harvest of eggs which leads to a higher hatch rate overall.

·       Also, our heavy-duty flooring minimizes injuries on the birds’ feet.

·       Rectangular structure which is very versatile. The carriers are fully galvanized Sheet metal.

·       NOTE: If you order multiple systems leave a note on how you would like cage configured I.E all in one frame or standalone cages

·       Proper egg slope allows the eggs roll out of the front gap. A standard jumbo egg could pass through.

·       You can adjust the cages slope using the oval carriers.

·       Automatic cup drinkers supply water on demand. You can position them outside of the cage as well.

·       Galvanized Sheet metal feeders with feed "containing edge" for minimal waste.

·       Galvanized Sheet metal manure Trays for easy cleaning. 

·       Simple to assemble.


UPS delivery is STANDARD shipping it usually takes 7-14 business days.

Cage processing and manufacturing takes place once order is accepted

The box weights 22-27 lbs.

availability within continental USA

Quail Cage H.D Double Rack Community (Full Sections)

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